What are the types of dreams? (1)

Many and much more dreams, but could they be categorized, grouped, or typed? And if it was possible to do so, could this division help us to have a better understanding of our dreams meanings?560911_68683433

Before I speak about any scientific classifications of dreams, I noticed that many people who ask for an interpretation to a specific dream (in forums, blogs, webpages …etc.) tend to classify it whether with or without intention. Try to browse through one of dream interpretation counselling websites, and you would find many of dream posts entitled like: “religious dream”, “nightmare”, “vivid dream”, “a dream about sex” …etc. These are classifications of dreams, which are done usually and spontaneously by “dream amateurs”. Most probably, they add these classifying titles to their dream posts in order to catch eyesight of the dream interpreter without having any further purpose or awareness if these classifications could be helpful to the interpreter or not in understanding the meaning of their dreams.

Islamic creed and Psychology are the biggest and the most well-known references for dreams classifications.

Islamic creed classifies dreams into three main groups, basically, according to their various sources, forms and influence on human mind and mood, as well as their harm or benefit to someone’s (groups’) life (lives). Psychological classification of dreams just focuses on how they would represent the inner thoughts and feelings of a human, and how they could be used for discovering mental disorders. Other classifications of dreams do exist too such as lucid dreams, which relate more to Parapsychology, and has no connection to dream interpretation.

To be continued …


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