What are the types of dreams? (2)

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A brief comparison between dreams classifications in the Islamic creed and Psychology will provide a clear understanding of how various individuals and societies want or need or wish to gain out of Dream Interpretation.

As for the sources of dreams, Islam presents three types of them: Dreams from God, dreams from the devil or Satan, and dreams from the dreamer’s mind. According to Psychology, all dreams come only from the dreamer’s mind.

Dreams world of psychology is just limited by the boundaries of self; what you think, what you experience, what you want or need, ideas and feelings saved inside your human brain, and nothing more.

Psychology denies the existence of any dream which is claimed to originate from a source outside the human being.  On the contrary, Islamic creed acknowledges dreams that come from inside the human mind and feelings. However, Islamic creed adds two more sources to the self-reflecting dreams of Psychology.

Dream Interpretation in Psychology is a process to discover hidden desires, ideas and feelings of the human being in order to help him/her to get rid of mental disorders or imbalance in personality. Rules of dream interpretation are fairly simple to the extent that almost anyone can learn and use them.

Although, Dream Interpretation in the Islamic creed acknowledges the psychological aspect of some dreams, Islamic teachings does not give it much importance. In Islam, many dreams are messages of wisdom from God. They could tell you about your past, present or future. They could advise, teach a lesson or warn from a danger.

“Dreams of evil” are mostly deemed molestation by the devil.

Dream Interpretation in Islam is only for the dreams from God. It has several complicated rules that depend on various and variable conditions of individuals and societies. Dream Interpretation in Islam should be done with great care and skill in order to bring positive and helpful results. Few people in the world have the necessary knowledge and the special talent to extract such a type of messages from inside the incidents of the dream.

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