Nightmares … Satanic or Psychic trauma?

A nightmare is a type of dreams that impacts and inflicts the dreamer with a hyper-emotional andImage shocking sleeping experience. Simply, they are a kind of annoying dreams with a temporarily or permanently lasting effect on the dreamer’s mind and feelings.

Nightmares could become worse if ended with a dream paralysis. It is a state when you feel suffering to wake up from a horrible dream, but you are unable to do. In some cases, a nightmare might be followed by a wake-up screaming, crying or words.

In Psychology, a nightmare does, mainly, represent a suffering person. A strong oppressed desire, a hidden and growing sadness, a strong and old complex coming out in the form of dreams. The Psychologist dream interpreter’s task here is to discover such a hidden disorder, and try to help the dreamer to restore his/her balanced life and personality.

The Islamic creed neither denies the existence of such psychic disorders nor the existence of some nightmares of a suffering mind. The teachings of Islam adds another source of nightmares which are the devil.

According to the Islamic creed, the devil is an invisible creature of a specific race created from fire. He/She is an enemy of human beings, and can create such horrible dreams experiences. It is a form of devilish molestation.

In Islam, there are purposes for “the dreams of evil” or “nightmares” caused by the devil such as:

  1. Misleading: The devil tries to give you wrong information to keep you away from the right path to God or the proper thing you should do to keep your life safe and sound.
  2. Harm: The devil tries to harm your mind and feelings to disturb your life.
  3. Enmity: The devil tries to break and spoil a useful connection or relation between you and someone or more.

While a Psychologist attempts to treat nightmares with psychotherapy, Islam treats the devilish dreams with special prayers before sleeping to prevent their existence.


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