Symbols and symbolism in dreams … What does it mean? (1)

ImageIt is not unusual to dream interpretation fans to hear or read about “dreams symbols”, but a big number of them might not exactly understand what does this expression mean? Or why do dream interpreters use it? And does it have a common definition? Or does it have a different meaning from one dream interpreter to another? And are all dreams symbolic? And why dreams are symbolic?

Before we discuss a “dream symbol”, let’s understand, first, what a symbol is. Simply, a symbol is something representative of another thing. In other words, a symbol is something we say, write, draw or use in any way to indicate something else. For example: a pigeon is a symbol of peace, a national flag is a symbol of a country, and the heart is a symbol of love, and so on.

Similarly, a “dream symbol” is something, or someone, or an incident appearing in a dream (an obvious dream item) that represents and indicates something else, or someone else, or some other meaning (a hidden interpretation). For example: you might have a dream of a black color (a dream item or symbol), and it could be just a symbol of sadness (hidden meaning – interpretation).

A dream interpreter’s task is to discover the hidden true meaning beyond the clear dream symbols, and to explain it to the dreamer.

During my years of dream interpretation experience, It was normal to me, to other dream interpreters, and to many dreamers to call “dream parts” symbols, or to use expressions like “interpretation of symbols” of a specific dream.

To be continued …


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