Symbols and symbolism in dreams … What does it mean? (2)

The idea of symbolic dream interpretation, or the belief that dreams incidents are just symbols that represent other hidden meanings Imagehas originated from two sources: Religion and the special nature of dreams.

Many dreams come with unusual, abnormal, and, sometimes, unrealistic incidents. When you dream of flying with two wings, or when you dream of your dead relative alive and talking to you, or when you dream you are in fire but not burning. All these unrealistic types of dreams and their likes have strengthened the common belief that dreams incidents do not represent their direct appearance, but they are just symbols of other hidden meanings.

The Islamic Holy Book (The Noble Koran) and religious sayings of The Prophet Mohammed (May Peace be upon him) tell many symbolic dreams and their interpretations.

Dreams symbols and their interpretation method in Psychology differ from the Islamic method.

In Psychology, the dream interpreter attempts to connect the symbol to suit and represent mental ideas, feelings and desires of the dreamer. The rules of dream interpretation in Psychology are very limited, unclear and mostly unwritten. Islam has a wide range and a huge number of written logic and universal rules of dream interpretation. In Islam, dreams symbols do not only represent the human ideas or feelings, but also could tell about the future incidents, give advice, or warn from a danger.

Another question, why dreams are symbolic? Why don’t they come in a direct and straight forward manner without any symbolism? Islam has the answer to this question. The Wisdom of God has willed to create symbolic dreams to distinguish dreams from God that hold important messages from the trivial dreams that are just a direct reflection to what a person may experience in daily life. In addition, as dreams from God may tell about the future, God’s wisdom willed to create them symbolic to make their interpretation probable but not certain, in order to prevent any one from knowing the certain and undoubted future. Dream Interpretation could tell you about the probable future, while God only knows the certain future.

Symbolic Dreams have many rules to explain and discuss … so … stay with us and don’t hesitate to ask in Dream Interpretation Journal.


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