Dream Interpretation

Unlike amateurs or fans, Dream Interpretation professionals have always believed that it is a complicated process. Dream Interpretation is faraway from and wider than just buying a dream dictionary and matching up its “interpreted” items with dreams incidents.

A successful interpretation of a dream requires a certain level of acceptable knowledge and a minimum standard of mental and analytic skills. In addition, Dream Interpretation is not an abstract or isolated practice, but it is influenced, usually, by several intersecting human and environmental factors. When a dream interpreter attempts to solve the hidden message within the showing events of a dream, they may need to dive deep into human mentality and feelings or fly high to review a whole picture of human circumstances and conditions in the meanwhile.

Although, I claim that Dream interpretation is a separate and complete science of its own. I also believe that it is built up on a range of different religious, logical, personal and social resources that should work together in harmony to provide with the most accurate, convincing and down-to-earth interpretation of dreams.

Dream Interpretation Journal

Dream Interpretation Journal is a simple and systematic solution to reveal the confusing and controversial truth about Dream Interpretation, as well as untangling its complexity and ambiguity into a clear, practical, and handy tool that could be used easily by non-professionals.

This Journal is meant to teach facts, rules, and practices about dreams and Dream Interpretation. By going through every post, you will gain more useful knowledge, progression and expertise in Dream Interpretation. If you had the stamina to follow all posts, you would be welcome to the club of learned and skilled Dream Interpretation enthusiasts as soon as possible.In this Journal, you will learn the nature of dreams, their forms, contents, types, sources, purposes, and messages. You will understand various rules to help you extract useful information out of your dreams with confidence and ease.

The method used to tackle the subject of this Journal is a mixture of what is religious and what is human in a logic yet fun treatment. Although, I have an Islamic background, and I owe the greatest credit for the Traditions and Beliefs of Islam through my professional scientific journey, however, I did not write this Journal for a specific religious or cultural group. On the contrary, I wrote this scientific theory and practice for every guest who has a spirit of reason and a sense of good judgment.

This Journal is written for everyone wishing to know about Symbolic Dream Interpretation, or eager to take a professional career as a Dream Interpreter or Analyzer.

This Journal is not related by any means to Occultism, Astrology, Horoscopes, Witchcraft, Paganism, Hypnosis, or Parapsychology. If you are searching mainly for psychology, you should not expect too much from this Journal. Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and other Cults are not necessarily used as main references. Lucid dreaming and out-of-body experience are excluded as well. Finally, this Journal do only address human dreams; it does not discuss animal dreams.

O.K … Here We Go!


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