1. Who is the founder of this blog? And what about his biography?1279316_26064050

      “Jamal Hussein” is the founder … You can click on the name to open the biography page.

       2.What is the main topic of this blog?

      This blog is founded to be a simple instructive outlook toward Symbolic Dream Interpretation Science, which is one of the most complicated, difficult, rare and open field of knowledge.

      3. How can I get the most benefit out of this blog?

      The blog is designed to be divided into two big branches:

      The first is Dream Interpretation Rules and The second is Dream Symbols Meanings. All categories of the blog go under these two branches.

      To get the most benefit from the blog, please, start reading from the first post on.

       4. What are the accepted commenting languages?

         English and French

         for other languages, please use Google Translate service

        Please, do not hesitate to ask about any unclear point.

My best regards.


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